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New Showroom
New showroom is taking shape in time for AW15 sell in
It is with great delight that we can annouce that Salt and Bracken moved into new permanent premises over the late summer.  With work taking place over the later part of the year, we will be ready to open the doors to the new showroom in time for the AW15 sell in - at least phase 1 of the plans will be ready!

With nearly 1,500 sq foot of purpose built showroom to display the products carried by Salt and Bracken, we are very proud to have been able to achieve this at the start of the businesses 3rd year. 

Following James' love of slightly quirky ideas, the showroom is based on the site of a former brickworks which up until the start of the recession was producing nearly 1m bricks a week.  On site there is a micro brewary, the Milk Churn cafe produces the best cheese on toast you willl ever have and our next door neighbour refurbs the interiors to vintage Ferarris, among other stunning motor cars - its worth a trip out of your store for these reasons alone never mind seeing the brands we carry!

Phase 2 will take place in time - sorting out upstairs!  In the meantime, we would welcome you at any time of the year to come and view the collections at will - hope to see you soon!
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