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Fairfax & Favor was founded by Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker with the
aim of bridging the gap between smart and casual. Whether you are required to dress up
for the occasion - or down, as so often in modern society - Fairfax & Favor can provide you
with the perfect blend of traditional British style and modern contemporary elegance.

With headquarters in the scenic surroundings of old Norfolk, but with strong links to the city,
Fairfax & Favor’s guiding principle is to create footwear that can be effortlessly worn at all
social occasions no matter where you are. Whether you have just finished a day’s shooting
in the country or you are heading to the smartest place in town, you can be quite confident that your Fairfax & Favor's will never let you down.

Salt and Bracken Agencies are delighted to be working with Marcus and Felix as their
exclusive UK agent for this very exciting brand.

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