Holebrook started in 1936 when Sten E Andersson founded the knitting factory SEA in Boarp, a small village in west Sweden.  Peter Karstopp, who has generations of knitters behind him, bought the company in 1991 and his wife Tina founded the brand Holebrook in 1999..

With the knowledge of knitting and production and the Swedish west coast as their inspiration they started with a collection containing five windproof sweaters, of which two are still in their Originals Collection. The company has grown slowly but steadily and today, with three collections per year, they are represented in seven countries. 

Their inspiration is still the ocean and the Swedish coastline but their collections are broader and contain knitwear, woven garments and jersey. Holebrook strive to produce wearable knitwear and other garments that will last for years to come, timeless products with a Scandinavian spirit and character.


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