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Inspired by the life of the country and the style of the city, The Soho Furrier is the British
icon of fur.

Founded in December 2011, The Soho Furrier is a dynamic British label run entirely by
women who are passionate about beautiful quality and contemporary-styled fur. The brand
is known for taking pride in the quality of their products, and designs everything in house to
ensure exclusivity of their wearable collections. Providing expertise and knowledge
alongside everyday luxury, The Soho Furrier allows the ultimate wardrobe indulgence
and gives consumers confidence in wearing fur.

Regularly featured in some of the UK’s leading glossy fashion and country sporting titles,
The Soho Furrier is stocked throughout the UK by over 20 high-end independent boutiques
and prestigious country stores.

The brand is looking to expand this collection of prestigious stores and to that end are
working with Salt and Bracken Agencies as their exclusive UK agent to help develop the
relationships with the right stores in the right areas of the UK Country and Lifestyle sectors.
If you are interested in becoming one of these stockist, please get in touch with James to
arrange a meeting.

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