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With the knowledge of knitting and production and the Swedish west coast as their inspiration they started with a collection containing five windproof sweaters, of which two are still in their Originals Collection. The company has grown slowly but steadily and today, with three collections per year, they are represented in seven countries. 




To us, knitting is a craftsmanship.


Our garments may be knitted by a machine in a factory, but in order for the end result to become a sweater, cardigan or dress, you need a great deal of craftsmanship knowledge. The journey from idea to finished sweater is long, and it isn’t until we feel good about every detail, that we’ll start the machines.

All our clothes are made in Europe, by partners who we have been working with for along time, who maintain our high quality, and value work on fair terms. It gives us a good insight into the production, as well as shorter transportations and a smaller impact on the environment.

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Ever since Holebrook’s first day, knitting has been our focus. Over the years, our collections have grown and expanded with new qualities. It was knitting that started it all, and we continue forward by developing our knitted garments and techniques.

All of our garments are knitted and manufactured in Europe. Yarns, fabrics and details are of highest quality, carefully chosen to fit our ideas. To strive for conscious consumption and sustainable products are fundamental elements for us, and many of our yarns are organic.



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